In photo (from left): Christian Mix-Linzer, Andreas Nielsen, Jesper Gadeberg, Jerry Krenach and Tess Taylor.

The European music supervision landscape has traditionally been dominated by independent music supervisors, who are important creative partners for brands, agencies and production houses, and who enable access for rights holders to synch deals.

With the music supervision landscape maturing in recent years, we see two major models emerging:

In-house/exclusives and independent music supervisors. Both have strengths and advantages, and can co-exist in a still growing and healthy market, but the competitive landscape can create frictions.

This panel will discuss best practices and fair play. Speakers – independent and in-house music supervisors, and rights holders – will also share how brands and their agencies choose music partners, the role of different types of music supervisors and how rights are acquired. Also to be addressed: fee ranges, exclusives, how to negotiate the most favorable licenses, and typical flow of earnings from brand and agency to rights holders.


–     Jesper Gadeberg, (DK)

–     Jerry Krenach, mcgarrybowen (US)

–     Christian Mix-Linzer, Tracks&Fields (DE)

–     Andreas Nielsen, Crunchy Tunes (DK)


–     Tess Taylor, NARIP (US)

Presented by Promus & SPOT+

When: Saturday April 30, 15:30 – 16:15
Where: RadissonBlu, Dania

In photo (from left): Christian Mix-Linzer, Andreas Nielsen, Jesper Gadeberg, Jerry Krenach and Tess Taylor.