The low proportion of women in leadership positions, not to mention to overall male dominance in the industry in general, remains a pink elephant in the European music industry’s living room. Germany’s leading music industry magazine MUSIKWOCHE and Promus, the SPOT+ conference organizer, have therefore decided to dig deeper and try to transparently figure out why this is, by presenting this panel at during the SPOT Festival 2016.

With a panel of inspiring ladies from the 3 key European music markets, and Denmark of course, charismatic moderator Andy Inglis will try to reach tangible conclusions. Sober and factual is what we aim for, but we promise that this one won’t be boring!


–     Anne Haffmans, Head of Domino Recording Company Deutschland (DE)  

–     Virginie Berger, Managing Director at DBTH Agency (FR)

–     Julia Gudzent, Head of artist liason and talent buyer at Melt! (DE)

–     Sarah Sølvsteen, Agent  at Skandinavian (DK)

–     Eve Fairly-Chickwe, A&R at Kobalt Music (UK)


–     Andy Inglis, Manager, owner at 5000MGMT and lecturer at Music Tank, London (UK)

Presented by MUSIKWOCHE, Promus & SPOT+

When: Saturday April 30, 13:30–14:30
Where: RadissonBlu, Suecia

Click here for further info (in Danish)