Today’s live sector is where it all happens. Everywhere venues and festivals experience an increasing interest from the audience, as well as bands and artists struggle to please audiences, with increasingly intense and spectacular live shows as results. This four-step seminar bring you presentations of festivals’ aim of sharpen their profile these years, the role that public and private funding plays – and why live music apparently has become so hot, that whole towns now brand themselves as Music Cities.

Kick-off Audrey Guerre/Live DMA – 1
Saturday April 30 – 10:00-10:10, RadissonBlu – Nortvegia

The European network of festival- and venue organizations Live DMA covers more than 1200 venues in 12 countries and regions. Since 2011, Live DMA has collected data which measures the venues activities and visits, employment and finances, to discover trends and developments in our sector. As coordinator of Live DMA Audrey Guerre (in picture – FR) kicks off this seminar by framing the picture; where are the European venues today?


The future of European venues – 2
Saturday April 30 – 10:15-11:00, RadissonBlu – Nortvegia
This seminar will focus on some of the many challenges the European venues are facing and will discuss topics such as public funding – or no funding at all –  the “promotion gap” and the “eternal tour bus”.

Meet (in picture from left): Isabelle von Walterskirchen/PETZI, Verband Schweizer, Musikclubs & Festivals (CH), Jakob Brixvold/Dansk Live (DK), Marc Steens/Clubcircuit (BE), Joppe Pihlgren/Livemusik Sverige (SE). Moderator: Andy Inglis/5000 MGMT (UK).

venues-seminar copy

The future of European festivals – 3
Saturday April 30 – 11:15-12:00, RadissonBlu – Nortvegia

This seminar will focus on the new European festival market with specialized/profiled festivals, the major promoters as festival organizers and the future perspectives for festivals in regards to a “segmented” music market and lack of “long-carreer” artists.

Meet (In picture from left); Andras Berta/International Relations Director, Sziget Cultural Management (HU), Julia Gudzent/Head of artist liason and talent buyer at Melt! (DE), Ulrik Ørum-Petersen/Managing director, Heartland Festival (DK), and Maria Theessink/Talent buyer & Head of Press, Tønder Folk Festival (DK). Moderator: Andy Inglis/5000 MGMT (UK).


The Mastering of a Music City – 4
Saturday April 30 – 12:15-13:00, RadissonBlu – Nortvegia

What is a Music City and what identifies key elements of a music city, the primary benefits that accrue from music strategies, and the most effective strategies deployed around the world? Amy Terrill (in picture) gives you a keynote to the insights of mastering a Music City, from her point of view as co-author of the “Mastering of a Music City”-report which was published last summer.

Keynote: Amy Terrill/Executive Vice President, Music Canada – co-author, “The Mastering of a Music City” (Bottom photo, left). Meet: Danny Keir/Sound Diplomacy (UK): Music Cities Network – an introduction (bottom photo, middle), Jesper Mardahl/Promus (DK): Music City Aarhus – facts & figures (bottom photo, right). Moderator: Andy Inglis/5000 MGMT (UK).


Presented by Live DMA, Dansk Live, Promus & SPOT+