Keynote by Amy Terrill, Executive Vice President, Music Canada.

Amy is also co-author of “The Mastering of a Music City”-report which was published last summer, and has played a significant leadership role in the development and implementation of Music Canada’s government and stakeholder relations portfolio. She is a seasoned public speaker, and leads the organization’s research activities. These include the publication of “The Next Big Bang – A New Direction for Music in Canada”, “Accelerating Toronto’s Music Industry Growth – Leveraging Best Practices from Austin Texas”, “Fertile Ground – Alberta Music Cities Initiative and Economic Impact Analysis of the Sound Recording Industry in Canada”.


Amy Terrill, Executive Vice President, Music Canada.

Music Canada’s latest research project, “The Mastering of a Music City”, is a global scan of music cities which identifies key elements of a music city, the primary benefits that accrue from music strategies, and the most effective strategies deployed around the world.

Amy’s keynote will be followed by a Music City Aarhus presentation and discussion.

Keynote: Amy Terrill – executive vice president, Music Canada – co-author, “The Mastering of a Music City”.

Music Cities Network – an introduction, Danny Keir, Sound Diplomacy (UK)

Music City Aarhus – facts & figures – Jesper Mardahl, Promus (DK)

Andy Inglis, 5000 MGMT (UK)

Presented by Promus & SPOT+

Where: Radisson Blu
When: Saturday April 30th at 12:15- 13:00