During a string of sessions at SPOT+, we will be focusing on the many aspects of working with sync in commercials, film & TV.

1. How To Land A Sync Deal In 9 Steps!
Remember trying to unhook your first girlfriend’s bra as a nervous teenager after a few alcopops? Harder than that. Remember trying to learn all the dance moves to Spice Girls‘ “Stop” whilst also singing Mel C’s falsetto parts? Harder than that.

Simon Pursehouse, head of synchronisation & licensing at Sentric Music in Liverpool will walk you through his ”9 steps of advice” during this session:
“Thanks to years of mollycoddling sync agents and music supervisors, (buying them drinks, asking them how their families are and being general comic relief for them when they ask me to send over a dubstep-jazz-fusion track within the next twenty minutes which needs to have specific lyrics about the storming of the Bastille), I’ve been able to get our artists’ music used on TV/movies/games/adverts worldwide.” – Simon Pursehouse.

So if you follow his points you will be proverbially furlongs ahead of your nearest sync rivals (which is nearly “everyone” in the recorded music industry by the way – fun fact for you there).
When: Saturday April 30th, 13:30 – 14:15
Where: Radisson Blu

2. How to Maximize Your Placement!
So, you got your song on a television show… fantastic. . How do you step up your PR game and make noise? How do you rise above the clutter and maximize the amplification that is absolutely not going to be served to you on a silver platter unless you are a top tier “A” list performer on a major record label that is already tied into the film project?

It’s a jungle out there and on this panel, we have some simple DIY ideas that might help independent artists navigate the media waters. On this panel, global industry leading entrepreneur & renaissance-man, Mike Jansen (Greater Goods Co – LA) and David Hayman Music Supervisor @ Supergroup Sonic Branding Co – Toronto, will walk you through some ideas and insights on these matters.  Join us.

When: Saturday April 30, 14:30 – 15:15
Where: Radisson Blu

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