“Meet The Talent 4.0” is a unique opportunity for emerging bands, solo-artists, DIY projects and newcomers, who are ready for the next step in their career, to meet and network with leading representatives from the Danish music industry.

Important: Apply for participation by sending SPOT+-partner, Promus a brief description of your band/project, company, contact-info, which bands/artists you represent, and who you want to meet with – and send it to – re: Meet Talent.

Participation requires a SPOT +-ticket or accreditation.

Bands playing at SPOT Festival will be prioritized. You will receive a timetable no later than one week before SPOT +, if you have been chosen to participate. Participants also accept a so-called “no-show-fee” of 1,500, – DKK (200,- €)

More info (in Danish) here.

Radisson Blu Friday April 29th at 10:30-13:00.

Industry representatives:
Christian Møller – Tigerspring
Jesper Reginal – Crunchy Frog
Nick Foss – Mermaid Records
Sarah Sølvsteen – Skandinavian
Peter Sørensen – Beatbox Booking
Nicolaj Bundesen – Offbeat
Anders Lassen – A2 Music
Jakob Sørensen – The Bank
Toke Holt – Quarterback Entertainment
Peter Munck – Quarterback Entertainment
Kasper Færk – Then We Take The World
Stefan Facius – Heartbeat Management
Mette Zähringer – Iceberg Music Group
Mads Ravnsbæk – SmashBangPow
Kristoffer Rom – Tambourhinoceros
Mads Kjærgaard – Sony Music
Jon Nørgaard – Idol Inc.
Søren Krogh Thompson – Playground Music
Jan-Erik Stig – Warner Music